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Main target of ONDA fins was to reduce the work load on PSOAS muscle and to lower the stress
on the ankles. This makes it possible to use fins for a long time without having articular pains (joint
pain) . The structure with an angle of 32° and the particular folding of the blade, assures the correct
distribution of the loads between hip, knee and ankle.
The choice of fins is available between 100% carbon or 100% fibreglass.

STILE : Progressivo  

TECHNOLOGY : H.F (hot-forming)

MATERIAL : 100% fiberglass  pre-impregnato

DIMENSIONI : pala con profilo scarpetta standard cm 87 (solo pala cm73 – profilo scarpetta da cm 14 a cm 25

ANGOLO : 32 per superficie o 24 per stacco dal fondo

RIGIDITA’ : Soft ( kg 50-69) Medium (kg 70-90 )


STYLE: Progressive

TECHNOLOGY: H.F (hot forming)

MATERIAL: 100% prepreg fiberglass

DIMENSIONS: shovel with standard shoe profile 87 cm (73 cm shovel only - shoe profile from 14 to 25 cm

ANGLE: 32 for surface or 24 for detachment from the bottom

RIGIDITY: Soft (kg 50-69) Medium (kg 70-90)



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