CARBONIO G.F.T. Technology & Art

CarbonioGFT leader nella produzione di pinne in carbonio e vtr
persegue il continuo miglioramento nella qualità dei prodotti e del servizio.

  1.  2008 Technology prepreg
  2.  2012 Technology H.F.
  3.  2018 Technology Nano-tech
  4.  2020 Technology Nano- 3D

The Corporate Mission of CarbonioGFT

Every person is different and has different demands, therefore the choice for the under water equipment is influenced by different factors:

• Discipline- Constant Apnea or Dynamic Apnea, Spearfishing.
• Season- Time of the year of using.
• Different environment- Pool or sea.
• Individual physiology- Height, body weight, musculature, etc, etc, etc…

Fins are extremely personal tool, for this reason the same fins cannot satisfy the needs of everyone. That’s why, were happy to present our wide range of products and we are hoping that each of them will find their follower.

. Pre-impregnation of composite materials (certified resin and CarbonioGFT property resin “PATENT” ).
. Nano–Tech technology
. H.F. technology (to eliminate all the pre-stresses of the woven yarn ).
. Wide selection of models (different models for various demands ).
. Different rigidity degrees.
. Handmade processing.
. Customisable design.
. Possibility to apply all the typologies of shoes.
. Different options of blade angle
. Different options choice waterails color

Pinne in Carbonio e VTR

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