CarbonioGFT was born in 2008, it is to the world market in a few years, incorporating a new generation of fins in advanced composites using pre-impregnated resin materials certified in square centimeters and having its property,CarbonioGFT technology battle, design and art, create a tangible and recognizable combination in all world.
CarbonioGFT has recently started a new collaboration with Nano-Tech SpA to improve the performance of the materials composite used in fins. This collaboration will bring a new vision to the world of carbon fins and underwater equipment using nanotechnology and nanotechnology-based materials.
Nano-Tech is an Italian company operating in the field of nanotechnology applied to advanced materials, producing and commercializing products designed to withstand the hardest challenges in diverse industrial applications. Within this partnership, Nano-Tech will provide new materials and the know-how needed the best use them, and will support CarbonioGFT expert in the process, knowing all the craft tricks having twenty-one years know-how in composite work of aeronautical structural parts and being a direct producer of its product.
Thanks to nanotechnologies, Nano-Tech can make even more “smart” composite fins, boosting performance and integrating new features, helping athletes perform.
By leveraging the leadership, joint expertise and know-how of CarbonioGFT and Nano-Tech SpA, the intention is to create a new generation of carbon fins. The aspects that nanotechnology can improve are numerous, including lightness, flexibility, deformation response and comfort, making the movement of the fins more effective, maximizing and not wasting the muscle energy produced by the athlete.
In general, nanotechnologies applied to polymers and composite materials, the core of Nano-Tech’s know-how, allow to get more with less. A very small amount of nanoparticles are necessary to obtain tangible effects in the final composite. In order to obtain this, the degree of dispersion and interaction of nanoparticles within the polymer and composite is very important, and Nano-Tech possesses the know-how and proprietary technologies needed to achieve it. This technology, coupled with the know-how on the formulations, allows to obtain a nanocomposite material with very different characteristics from the starting material, without penalizing other mechanical properties, as is normally the case with traditional technologies. The resulting nanocomposite can thus acquire considerable electrical and/or thermal conductivity, vibration damping, toughness, fatigue and lightness.
For example the toughness, compared with the normal polymeric matrices used in composites that see a general degradation of mechanical properties proportional to the degree of toughness achieved, nanocarbon-based nanocomposites allow to obtain a composite with elevated toughness and mechanical resistance at the same time.
The use of nanotechnology in the creation of the next generation of sports goods promises to revolutionize a market that always seeks to improve performance without ever compromising reliability and security. In this context, the new collaboration between CarbonioGFT and Nano-Tech SpA has the
potential to influence the future of carbon fins, and launch a strong signal of innovation in the world of underwater equipment.
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